# Kahlenberg Services - Ubezpieczenia sportowe


Who We Are

Kahlenberg Reinsurance Insurance is an insurance and reinsurance broker operating in Poland since 2012. The Company’s managers, shareholders and founders have many years of experience and expertise in insurance, finance and management gathered in Poland and abroad.

Our philosophy is to build stable, transparent, long-term business relationships with clients and partners, based on added value and mutual trust.

We provide our clients with optimum insurance programs, both in terms of coverage and effectiveness of the insurance cover, and its costs. We develop the insurance programs for our clients on the basis of the best global solutions, customizing the products from the local and international markets, leveraging our long-term experience in the insurance industry.

We are a specialized broker. Our company cooperates with many entities in the area of sports, finance, industry and construction. Our access to international markets and offerings of the biggest insurers and reinsurers makes it possible to accommodate the most unique insurance needs, practically in any industry and in any country where our clients operate.

Our Clients

The success of the Polish economy is attributable largely to modern local enterprises. Many of them are today leaders in their industries. They have reached the global level of management and many of them successfully develop operations also on international markets.

Our clients include primarily:

  • companies which concentrate on safe development, want to effectively manage their risks, and at the same time improve their competitiveness and reduce their costs.
  • companies which value the broker’s professionalism, very high quality service and transparency of mutual relations.
  • companies operating globally, present in many countries on several continents as well as those concentrating only on the Polish market. We are able to independently, or with the help of our partners, effectively service every entity, regardless of the scale and place of its operations.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide clients with the best insurance offering rather than the standard offer preferred by the insurers, thanks to which they have the security and possibility of continuation of activity even in the event of serious material and financial losses. If unfavorable events resulting in a loss occur, the insurance programs we provide are aimed at helping our clients to continue their development and delivery of the plans and remain competitive.

We aim at cooperation with a limited group of selected clients rather than mass client acquisition. Custom-made insurance coverage, competitive in terms of quality and price, is built on the basis of the best solutions available in Poland and international markets.

We provide Polish and international companies with access to the best solutions available to their international competitors. This is possible thanks to our experience and cooperation with an international group of partners and selected reinsurance and broker institutions in Europe and globally.

Our clients can also take advantage of our comprehensive advice in the area of insurance risk management and its technical underwriting, and support in preparation of big investment processes, taking into account the related insurance needs. We know from our experience that such an advisory service brings important value for the client, allowing it to avoid potential problems with subsequent insurance of such investment projects.

Persons managing both local and international companies have in the Kahlenberg RI team a responsible and innovative partner working towards improvement of the efficiency of insurance risk management. We work out solutions that respond to the question what kind of insurance the client really needs rather than what kind of insurance is offered by insurers.